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"Love only for you" gift pack

"Love only for you" gift pack

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A selection of beautiful Valentine's products and gifts available from the shop. The endless love for you.

Picture shown as small and petite size.

Each individually created gift pack is unique. Image shown here is indicative only. If there is any inconsistency between the image and the actual product you receive, the actual product will govern.

Please leave a note of card message in Order Special Instructions ( in the cart ) if you wish to. We will write the gift card for you~

Care Instructions


1: Remove outer wrapping

2: Leave bouquet tied together

3: Find a suitable vase and putflower food in with water

4: Re-cut stems and placein water

5: Place vase in draft freeposition out of sunlight


Your flowers are arranged in a water filled box

1: Top water level each day

2: Place in a draft freeposition, out of sunlight

3: Enjoy


1: Add water to the containerdaily

2: Place in a cool locationaway from heat, draftand direct sunlight

3: Enjoy

Delivery & Shipping

Delivery costs include GST and are in New Zealand dollars.

For same day local delivery within Rotorua City your order needs to be received by 2pm New Zealand time.

Rural deliveries on the next business day after we receive your order.

For international delivery please contact the store directly.

Local Delivery - Rotorua City $10.00

Rural Delivery - Rotorua region $15.50

Rest of New Zealand $27.00

International delivery - $29.00 ( Pleasecontact the store )


All flowers will be of the very best quality available however the type of flower may vary from those pictured.

Product listed on this website are not guaranteed to be available - we will let you know as soon as possible of and delay in filling your orders.

Living Colour does not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the information on this site; errors or omissions are excepted.

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